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Police Arrest Man for Child Endangerment


HOLLISTER, CALIFORNIA – March 11, 2014- On Sunday, March 9, 2014, Hollister Police Officers arrested Roberto Nunez (50) of Hollister for child endangerment, being under the influence and other charges after a hit and run collision. 

Band Treasurer Accused of Stealing Money From Booster Club

San Benito County Sheriff's deputies arrested the treasurer of the Baler Band Booster Club after they say she stole money from the club.

Debra Curtis was appointed as treasurer in July 2013 and resigned last month.  Investigators say she obtained the booster club ATM card and used it for her personal gain.

The band director found out the account was drained when the bank refused to cash a check.

Police Warn of Telephone Scam


The Hollister Police Department has been made aware of a current telephone phishing scam. Scammers are masking their phone numbers to show up on caller IDs as a local phone number. Once the phone is answered, the scammer tells the victim he is Lt. John Martin from the Hollister Police Department Warrant Division or Hollister Sheriffs Department and they must give an amount of money on a pre-paid card or else a warrant would be issued against them. The scammer tells the victim the warrant is due to the victim missing their jury duty obligation. 

Dear Jon: Miranda rights aren’t always required if arrest is made

Dear Jon: Miranda rights aren’t always required if arrest is made

First off, I’m not a lawyer and this is not legal advice. But Scott sent me a note asking, “Dear Jon, when arrested and taken into custody, is it required that you be read your Miranda rights?” I sought comments on this question from three Central Coast police chiefs and one deputy district attorney. The following is what they shared with me.

Bryan Stow Beating Suspects Take Plea, Get 8 and 4 Years Respectively

Bryan Stow Beating Suspects Take Plea, Get 8 and 4 Years Respectively

LOS ANGELES, Calif. - The two men accused of beating Santa Cruz native Bryan Stow into a coma outside of Dodgers Stadium in 2011 pleaded guilty Thursday morning.

Louis Sanchez will receive an eight-year state prison term and Marvin Norwood is looking at a four-year term when they are sentenced at a future date.

The two initially pleaded not guilty to charges related to the March 31, 2011 beating.

Police Arrest Two Suspects for Drug, Child Endangerment, and Domestic Violence Charges


11 Meth Arrests In Hollister Last Week

There are five people in cuffs after two separate methamphetamine drug busts in Hollister in a 24-hour span, making it the third this past week.

"It's not just the little dime bag here and there anymore, we're seeing bigger quantities," said Hollister police officer Christopher Wells.

All told, Hollister police have racked up 11 arrests in one week, with two suspects getting arrested twice in the span of six days for meth.