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DEAR JON: Buses flashing red lights mean stop

DEAR JON: Buses flashing red lights mean stop

Students are back at school and traffic safety is a hot topic, especially around school buses. You’ve probably seen buses flashing red lights often. Most people stop, as they should, but police say many don’t. Nick sent me a note, “Dear Jon, without fail everyday I see drivers that do not understand what the lights on the school bus mean, can you help?”

The Salinas Police department’s Sargent Gerry Ross says this issue continues to be a problem, “Officers are not going just give you a warning if you pass a bus with its red lights flashing.” For me, that’s warning enough.

When you see a school bus what's the first thing that comes to your mind? Are you thinking, ‘There’s a road hog in my way!?’ Or do you see a bus as a vehicle carrying precious cargo, our children?

Hollister Police issue missing person bulletin for Vanessa Flores

The family of a missing Hollister woman believed to be with murder suspect Jose Barajas are urging the public to keep their eye out for her.

Vanessa Flores is believed to be with Barajas, who is accused of fatally shooting Ariana Zendejas on Friday night. At first, Hollister police said they didn't know if Flores had gone with Barajas willingly or not.

Tuesday, Flores' family members spoke with members of the media and said their daughter should be considered a kidnapping victim.

HPD: "Hollister Police Arrest Murder Suspect"


"HOLLISTER, CALIFORNIA – July 26, 2014- On July 14, 2014 at about 10:15 PM, Daniel Manuel Cadenas (31) of Hollister, was shot and killed on Prospect Avenue. The Hollister Police Department has identified Francisco “Frankie” Cardenas (18) of Hollister as a suspect in the murder and a “No bail” warrant was issued for his arrest. 

Traffic alert: Drivers warned to heed road work or else

Beginning today, Caltrans and the California Highway Patrol (CHP) are warning motorists statewide that the CHP is conducting maximum enforcement of traffic laws in active construction zones as part of a public safety campaign focused on work zone safety.


As part of this campaign, Caltrans will activate its electronic highway message signs in active construction and maintenance work zones around the state to display the following warning:





HPD: "Police Arrest Burglary Suspects After Late Night Vehicle Pursuit"


2014 Hollister Bike Rally Police Report


Holiday weekend DUI crackdown fast approaching

Monterey and San Benito County law enforcement are already planning a DUI crackdown for the Independence Day weekend.